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Accept Consortium

Psychotherapy/counselling for BME/refugees.

Ageactivity 60+

A membership based service for anyone aged 60 years or over, that provides advice and support, exercise classes and clubs, educational classes, helping hands project, projects with children and adults, regular coffee mornings, affordable monthly coach trips, creative workshops, professional advice sessions, annual art exhibitions and tea parties and monthly group birthday parties.

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA)

For anyone with disordered eating (not just anorexia or bulimia sufferers). Provides a Twelve-Step programme adapted form Alcoholics Anonymous to address the mental, emotional and spiritual components of disordered eating.

Anxiety UK

Provides support for those affected by anxiety via access to therapy from Anxiety UK approved therapists, and self-help groups and books (online shop).

Apples and Pears Weight Management Service

For people aged 18 and over, live in Camden or are registered with a Camden GP and have a BMI over 25. Provides a free weight management services with information and advice as well as classes and specialist services for people with medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Arachne Greek Cypriot Women’s Group

Aiming to improve the quality of life and well being of Greek Cypriot and Greek women and their families. Drop-in advice and information sessions, adult education classes, employment and training, health and youth programs and recreational/cultural activities.

Ashiana Network

Advice, support, counselling and refuge services for South Asian, Turkish and Iranian women aged 16-30 affected by domestic and sexual violence and forced marriage.

Asian Women Lone Parent Association

Supporting Asian women who are lone parents and their children. Active support, one to one and group services, training, skilling, workshops, counselling, signposting, personal development, outreach, volunteering projects, social events, parenting support and much more.

Assessment Service (Camden)

Phone: den Call Centre – 020 7974 5801

The service is for people in Camden who are homeless or about to become homeless through no fault of their own. The service offers homelessness assessments, housing need assessments and housing related medical assessments.


The Baobab Centre is an organisation that enables child, adolescent and young adult asylum seekers who have experienced a series of overwhelming and violent events during their developmental years to thrive in exile.